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24 January 2018, 18:22
Eastern NC
Wilmington NC
Hey I am just throwing a feeler out there I am In Wilmington NC close to Myrtle Beach about an hour. Looking to move west in the early stages of planing let me know if you are interested. Open to all states and options at this point.
24 January 2018, 21:20
Text me @864-386-9390
25 January 2018, 07:37
elizabeth creech
What office are you at in Wilmington NC?
25 January 2018, 18:48
Eastern NC
Probably not going to text you. And I am located just outside of Wilmington.
26 January 2018, 15:15
I would be interested. I'm in Northeast Ohio.
30 January 2018, 04:44
I am in Tobaccoville NC and am looking to move to Wilmington. What you got down there? 40k pov and a great crew to work with. email
03 February 2018, 17:33
Eastern NC
Rt is a 41k pov. Not sure tabacoville will work for my wife. I hope you find a transfer that works.
10 February 2018, 22:11
Mr. B
Eastern NC would you consider denton texas. it is 45 miles north of Dallas and Fort Worth. We have someone that wants your area. this would make our transfers complete. I grew up there so I can answer any questions you have about the area. DFW has about everything you could ever want to do. If you are interested please let me know. 940-206-8786 James