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I want to leave California to move to Atlanta GA area

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10 January 2018, 23:58
Darryl Walker
I want to leave California to move to Atlanta GA area
Want to transfer March 2018 to Somewhere in GA. Any takers?
11 January 2018, 07:17
I’m in Atlanta Ga trying to get to NW Florida. Holly 7065667145 if anyone wants California from NW Florida.
11 January 2018, 16:46
I'm in Summerville, South Carolina(approx. 6 hours away from Atlanta) desperately wanting Central California to be close to family.
12 January 2018, 22:13
Darryl Walker
I need to check with family to be sure S. carolina is ok.
20 January 2018, 18:45
I’m 20min west of Atlanta in Covington. Could possibly work a 3 way with someone in NC or TN or ? I’d like to stay within 6 hours or so of ATL. 45k POV

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11 February 2018, 11:30
i'm in sw colorado, looking for so cal if that helps. also have mckinney, tx wanting this station if someone in your target area would want mckinney text 505-801-2888
Originally posted by California Love:
I'm in Valencia, CA. Right off of I-5. If that works better for AerobicsAnna, I would go to Saratoga.

11 February 2018, 11:35
Darryl and Aeorobics Anna contact me please I have something that will work for all of us! 6782278041 thanks!!
11 February 2018, 14:53
Thank you California Love