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Atlanta GA to Greensboro NC

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22 January 2018, 18:16
Atlanta GA to Greensboro NC
20min east of Atlanta. Looking to relocate to Greensboro or surrounding area.
30 January 2018, 18:37
Find me someone in Tennessee that wants Atlanta and you can have my route in NC.
31 January 2018, 11:21
Sure would be interested to try but no one seems interested in Atlanta/Covington right now. I’ll keep trying.
01 February 2018, 08:07
Athena Garrison
I am VERY interested in Covington! Just need someone to come to the KC Missouri area for a 3-way and we are good! If I don't find someone soon though I am going to have to quit and rehire as a sub again as I have been looking for a year now! So I have to find someone pretty quick!
01 February 2018, 09:00
Can definitely be on board with that, Athena! We are good to go now! Asking, seeking and knocking for an open door. I'd prefer North Carolina, but would definitely consider anywhere within 6 or so hours of Atlanta. Hopefully we can work something out here.