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Ft Myers FL to?

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02 December 2017, 20:24
Nancy B
Ft Myers FL to?
I am in Ft Myers looking for something with mild winters and affordable horse properties
02 December 2017, 22:13
are you interested in west sacramento california or ankeny iowa
03 December 2017, 13:31
Nancy B
Going to have to pass on both One's too expensive and one's too cold Sorry
08 December 2017, 06:15
I want your area. I'm in Scottsdale, AZ. Winters are great, hardly ever rains here, no natural disasters. It's really one of the best places to be a carrier. I live in Phoenix, about 30 min away, where the housing is cheaper. I can send you zip codes to search and real estate info. We do not have a set time frame to move.
Contact: Charlie at 602-391-7453 or
09 December 2017, 16:21
I am interested in Ft Myers but was wondering if your office has LLV's?
09 December 2017, 20:49
Nancy B
Charlie looks like your area is too high priced for my needs but thanks for the offer. Redpony most of the routes here have LLV's but there are still a few that have POV's where are you located?
10 December 2017, 09:45
I am in Colonial Heights 30 minutes south of Richmond on I-95. I would need an LLV... what is the chance of that?
10 December 2017, 10:53
Would you be interested in Henderson,NV?