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From Taunton Massachusetts to Tampa Florida area

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24 December 2017, 13:53
From Taunton Massachusetts to Tampa Florida area
From Taunton Massachusetts office looking to transfer to Bradenton Florida or surrounding area like Sarasota, Bayshore Gardens, St . Petersburg, Acadia, North Port, Clearwater. Call /Text ( 774 )-707-7390 or send me a post here .

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30 December 2017, 05:43
How many routes? All trunks? All K routes? Would you consider Naples fl 2.5 hours south of tampa
31 December 2017, 10:58
43k through 48 k 1 J route and a aux and 26 routes in the office all LLV , 2.5 hours is a little to far . But if u wanted to do a 3 way transfer anywhere in Bradenton or a round that area yes I would definitely transfer with u :-) Happy New Year !
02 June 2018, 19:58
I am interested in your office. If you are interested in Tampa, we might be able to work out a four way transfer. Can you text me at (623) 703-4334. Thank you, Angela
16 June 2018, 20:05
Hi there I work in Londonderry NH which is 35 minutes from Boston MA tax free state looking to move to Florida if you interested text me at6032034212 thanks