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14 January 2018, 10:57
California Love
delete: transfer complete
delete: transfer complete

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14 January 2018, 12:01
interested !! if anyone in your target areas would like SW colorado or McKinney TX 505-801-2888
Originally posted by California Love:
Valencia, CA. Awesome location. Lots of routes in 3 different branches.

Also will consider other areas in California.

01 February 2018, 18:30
I’m in Boise, Idaho, and I’m looking to transfer to the Los Angeles or San Diego area. I’ve also been curious about Santa Clarita/Valencia. Possible 3- or 4-way transfer? Nick, 208-921-6953,
13 February 2018, 17:36
Maybe sometime in March, but probably not until after we’re done with the Mail Count, which ends March 9.