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If you want to transfer to Arizona, please post here

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12 October 2016, 17:25
If you want to transfer to Arizona, please post here
If you want to transfer to Arizona, where you located at etc
20 October 2016, 20:23
I'm trying to get to Tucson from Lincoln,ne.
23 October 2016, 08:02
Arlington TN, looking for Phoenix area and up to 2 hours to the north.
27 October 2016, 09:54
I'm in Havasu AZ....I need Ft Collin, Golden, Parker, Salida, Canon city, Co....
03 November 2016, 17:10
Central PA (Jersey Shore) to Tucson, AZ or surrounding areas...
14 November 2016, 20:45
Who wants come to Az??
16 November 2016, 20:40
This is awesome ofc, wonderful supervisor's!! Lots do here in Havasu, even in winter time. All 27 rr's LLV routes! Contact me back
29 November 2016, 20:30
I'm still interested in transferring out of Az 2go back to somewhere in Colorado....Maybe to Tx or....???
18 December 2016, 18:31
Gilbert, AZ is continually voted one of the best places to live the US and within top 5 of the state if Arizona (if not #1). Gilbert is home to weekly food truck events and farmers’ markets, festivals (like Oktoberfest and Barktoberfest), super dog-friendly public venues, live theater hall, live music, and some of the best food around.

70+ Rural Routes (plus growth), all LLV's, mid to high wealth neighborhoods, and 2 post offices to choose from.

I'm looking to move my family somewhere up north, preferably Washington or Oregon, but we're open to some suggestions (perhaps somewhere in New England). If you're seriously interested in making the swap, or need someone in AZ to help a muli-way transfer, comment, message me, or email me at

18 December 2016, 20:05
I would consider your location I'm in Cary IL text me at 815-355-3555 if interested!
20 December 2016, 15:16
Would consider, in Wellfleet MA
25 December 2016, 12:31
Bruce Willard -

Can you give me some more info on your area and PO?
25 December 2016, 16:32
Out of suburbs of Chicago roughly 25mins away,big office (2zip codes over 60rts)a lot of overtime if wanted.My art is very easy,great tips in Dec($450-$600)nice area close to military base (Great Lakes navel base,close to Gurnee Mills shopping mall and 5mins away from Six Flags Great America
26 December 2016, 16:22
Wellfleet is pretty far down on Caoe Cod, small town. 2 routes, great office, LLVs. Big tourist area, so busy/crowded in summer, quiet off-season.
26 December 2016, 18:39
How big are the two routes? And it sounds like they are seasonal routes?