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If you want to transfer to Arizona, please post here

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27 July 2017, 12:26
If you want to transfer to Arizona, please post here
Originally posted by cplm1a1:
Did you find someone to transfer with in the NW?
I'm in Oregon, considering transfer to that area.

Can you contact me at 928.208.3016 or I think we have a 3-way swap that could workout perfect!!
01 August 2017, 20:52
4 way transfer possible, Denver to Albuquerque to Seattle to Havasu. Denver and Albuquerque ready to sign. Need Seattle to Havasu and Havasu to Denver. Call or text me 720-297-8986.
01 August 2017, 21:41
Have a 4 way in the works, but the 4th person isn't going to work out (too many call outs, unreliable, etc).

We need someone from Ohio to come to Arizona. We've all agreed on transferring January 27th. Everything is set up and everyone is 100% board, we're just looking for someone to meet these requirements.

Unless you're in Colorado Springs or Fort Collins and want to do a direct transfer.

12 September 2017, 18:36
Svandewater, if your 4 -way doesn't work out, I have a back-up idea... I'm in Clackamas, Oregon if that interests you and I want Oklahoma. I believe Clark was interested in your area and he's in Oklahoma. Haven't connected directly with Clark yet though.
13 September 2017, 18:33
I'm in Lake Havasu Az....I'll consider some areas in Colorado state BUT Definately not to Colorado springs of Briargates whatsoever...I am mostly interested in southern Tx or certain parts of Fla...and fairly closes by to the Ocean/beach...prefer it being small Post Office of less than 30 rural routes,like mine, and all LLV provided routes
15 September 2017, 23:41
Christian Wolfe
I'm currently delivering mail in Tucson az. I might need to transfer to western Michigan area soon. Is there anybody I'm western Michigan looking for Arizona? Just shoot me an email at
Thank you. I'm just prospecting right now cause my wife might have to work in michigan.
16 September 2017, 12:47
Would you be interested in Austin tx?
08 November 2017, 23:01
Where is your office? I’m in Dallas
25 November 2017, 08:38
Terrie Paul Elliott I'm in Lake Havasu Arizona...I'm still wanting 1) Niceville, Fl but he wants Va/West need Va/West Va to come to Lake Havasu Arizona to complete a 3-way Transfer...Or 2)Panama City Beach but she wants Or/ need Or/Wa to come to Lake Havasu to complete a 3 way....same with 3) Largo...or 4) Florida Keys but need someone from N.C. to come to Lake Havasu to complete a 3 way.......
06 December 2017, 11:41
still looking for someone from Princeton, West Virginia or close by to come to Lake Havasu Arizona to complete a three way transfer