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09 February 2009, 13:28

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10 February 2009, 10:52
Any interest in Scottsdale, AZ? 2 bidding offices with 100+ routes...area still growing, great people. Email or call 602-448-5928

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13 February 2009, 19:25
Hi, my name is Wendell from Glenwood Springs, I looking to go to Oregon, there is a carrier wanting to tranfer to N.C. possible three-way. My phone is (970) 928 0170 and my e-mail is
18 February 2009, 19:24
Have you ever wanted to move to lovely Western New York. Just shoot me an e-mail @ for all the details.
18 March 2009, 12:12
Are you interested in Ft Myers Florida? I'm trying to get to Oregon and there is a carrier there that wants NC. Very affordable housing, perfect weather and beautiful beaches. My name is Kim and my cell # is 239-839-4924 or you can email me at Hope to hear from you.
25 March 2009, 19:25
jerry piersall
I currently live in Syracuse, NY would this area be of interest? I have been wanting to get back to charlotte for some time now. my email is or my phone is (315)440-1658 thank you jerry
25 March 2009, 19:29
jerry piersall
Originally posted by Evelyn ynhynes:
anyone interested in transfering to Charlotte, NC?
i currently live in syracuse , ny is this of interest . trying to get back to charlotte area for awhile is or phone is (315)440-1658 thank-you
26 March 2009, 14:58
Mike G
Hi, what is the zip code for your office? Thank you Mike. My email is
05 May 2009, 18:07
Hi Mike: there are two zip codes 28270 and 28277. The route I am on is a 40H.

Originally posted by Mike G:
Hi, what is the zip code for your office? Thank you Mike. My email is

14 May 2009, 20:36
Mike Lydon
Evelyn would you be interested in eastern Ma?
30 July 2009, 00:04
hi.. i'm curious too know more about whats in charlotte nc... i'm in san diego thanks johnny
31 July 2009, 19:28
Jason H
Would you be interested in Fort Myers Florida? If so please contact me at
31 July 2009, 20:53
Hi San Diego: I have a 40H Route in Charlotte, NC. with my own vehicle, 409 boxes. Charlotte is beautiful, I work at the Ballantyne Post Office. The land is sweet, easy driving, great weather and everyone is mostly neat and friendly. There are many great shopping areas. Real estate is nice. There is plenty of open land for development of new real estate. We have nice estate here, single family and condominiums that are affordable based on the average salary.

What is San Diego, TX like economically and socially?
02 August 2009, 11:28
I live about 20 miles west of Boston. 14 Rural Routes and 11 City. All of our routes have LLV's. Nice atmosphere to work. My route currently is a 38H but....We have 2 routes unassigned which will be blended into the other 12 early next year. So my evaluation will be going up. I have been lookin to move to N.C. for a few years now. Give me a shout if interested. 1 978 248 9896
02 August 2009, 13:10
Hey Evelyn,
I have a route in Frewsburg, ny in the SW corner of NY, right next to the NW corner of PA. My route is a 40k, small office, 2 routes. The area is beautiful with all four seasons and things to do in every season.
Let me know if you have any questions.