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09 June 2013, 19:53
Danny boy
Evelyn, would Connecticut be something you might want to move to. The small state is close to NYC, Boston, Philly, Cape Cod, VT, Maine and New Hampshire. My route is in Litchfield, CT, and the Litchfield hills are your typical beautiful New England area, some of the most beautiful in New England. Let me know, we can discuss the details ,

28 July 2013, 12:17
Dave B
Any chance of getting the name of your office union steward - I need to get a name and number to connect with your state. I am in New Mexico and want to transfer to the Myrtle Beach area. I have a letter to be posted in the Post Offices in the area. Thanks. DB
08 August 2013, 05:33
would you be interested in Murphy nc?Im 30 minutes from Tn.I have a lady in ga that wants to come to central nc and i need ga maybe we could do a 3 way.My rt is a 44k,57 miles long and use my own pov.I am 2hrs from Asheville,2hrs from atlanta,2hrs from chattanoga.Let me know if this would work for you .thanks
09 August 2013, 12:01
Originally posted by Evelyn hynes:
anyone interested in transfering to Charlotte, NC?
Exactly where I'm looking to go. I'm in Ct., not far from Ma, and all the other surrounding states. Great office. Please call me if any questions.860-462-9758
02 June 2014, 20:46
I'm in San Diego. Very interested in central texas. email me-
29 June 2014, 18:24
vanessa nicholas
Are you still interested in Arizona, email me at
07 July 2014, 19:50
Im confused...Your original post said anyone interested in TX.. but you are in North Carolina according to a response you gave. So do you need tx to complete a three way. Im in LV and believe I tried to do a transfer with you a few years back (because of BAllantyne..I remember it) and you changed your mind. I am interested in going pretty much anywhere but would love N. Carolina or TX especially. Please let me know .. Thanks
08 July 2014, 09:54
hi I am Lynnette I live in the quadcities looking to get to texas. I have a 46k and growing with pov. friendly office with sat. off. only have 1 trailer ct all boxes together and 1/2 business and 1/2 over the curb boxes. if u are interested pls call me at 563-508-9376
20 April 2015, 18:54