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Mutual Transfer GA to SC/NC. And SC/NC to PA

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11 October 2017, 21:42
Carl Bokma
Mutual Transfer GA to SC/NC. And SC/NC to PA
Hello. Looking for a 3 way trade. I got a woman in GA who wants sc/nc. I want GA. SO I NEED SOMEONE FROM SC/NC WHO WANTS PA.


28 October 2017, 13:34
john farber
i am in SC, myrtle beach where in Pa
29 October 2017, 12:11
john farber
Kimmy I am a rural carrier.Why are you looking for a transfer or just correcting people

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29 October 2017, 12:25
john farber
Carl, I would be willing to transfer to PA, I am a Rural Carrier, I work at the conway post office, 10 minutes from myrtle beach
01 November 2017, 13:41
Carl Bokma
Hello John. Please call me att 301-221-1199. Or email me at
05 November 2017, 08:46
Carl Bokma
Hey John. That’s great you want my spot in PA. I got a woman in GA who is maybe interested in Your post in SC. She sis also interersted in FL which may throw my game plan off. She is in GA in the perfect place I want to be in. I’m looking at doing the transfer next year. 2018. I still would take your spot in SC if we can do the transfer. I plan on talking to real-estate next Feb-March and selling my PA house so it can sell around the time we want to move to eithe GA or SC. During the summer.
Please contact me at 301-221-1199 or to get more info about the transfer.
04 September 2018, 14:06
Hey y’all. Did this transfer end up working out?