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Around Canton NC, Asheville NC, Waynesville NC, to transfer north of Tampa Florida

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31 March 2017, 22:22
Around Canton NC, Asheville NC, Waynesville NC, to transfer north of Tampa Florida
Anyone around the Asheville NC area want to transfer to just north of Tampa Florida, Lutz? All LLV routes. J's and K's .
17 August 2017, 16:32
I am about 4 hours from Asheville but I need someone from Florida to come to NC to help with a 3 way if you're interested.
18 August 2017, 17:14
Nancy B
Where in NC
18 August 2017, 20:32
Nancy, Lillington close to Raleigh and Fayetteville.
01 September 2017, 10:11
What about Orlando FL?
19 September 2017, 17:30
Nancy B
Sunroof are you still wanting the florida person? Lillington sounds good to me I'm in FT Myer/Cape Coral (Southwest FL) if I can help let me know
21 September 2017, 21:12
Ft Myers Fl here
I'll take Asheville NC
Amanda 239-281-2552
05 October 2017, 20:44
DavidashevilleNcbound if you are still looking to transfer I live in Raleigh Nc And I am Stationed in Knightdale NC 9 miles outside the city limits and is looking to transfer to TAMPA FL. We have 15 ROUTES AT OUR STATION ALL LLV
29 December 2017, 09:02
I’m in Chapel Hill, NC. Looking at Florida possibly. Anyone want to come here?
31 December 2017, 10:13
To far from where I need to be. Sorry
31 December 2017, 14:42
David and Nancy B contact me I may have a plan. 919-274-2217
02 January 2018, 15:01
Am in Raleigh NC looking to transfer to Tampa fl
20 April 2018, 15:51
Hello...I'm in East Flat Rock which is about 20 minutes from Asheville. I'm trying to get to closer to Madison FL, so anything in the surrounding area would be great if someone was up for a multi-transfer.

Hugh Reams
20 April 2018, 16:03
East Flat Rock might work for me. thats about where I need to be. However, I am in Lutz Florida. Lutz is a few minutes north of Tampa. Tampa is almost 4 hours south of Madison Florida
20 April 2018, 20:04
David I have someone who really needs your area and I need her office in Virginia! I am in NC but about 4 hours from Asheville. Let's see how we can piece something together!