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16 November 2006, 16:18
rustic lifestyle

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17 November 2006, 09:32

I live in Massachusetts. We have about 14 rural and 14 city routes. We are lookin for a change and want to move south. The thing is though after all the shuffling you would probably end up with a 45 H route with no LLV. Is this something you are interested in? The carrier on the route now does not own his own vehicle,he just waits for the first carrier to get back and uses their LLV. Let me know if you are interested.

Rod Huot
14 January 2007, 17:28
Hi, I live in Central New York, a 20 route office, however it would be the same in my office that you could end up with an H route, not that I think that would happen, I couldn't guarantee that. Anyways, let me know if you are interested, I have asthma and need warmer climate.
06 March 2007, 18:16
dear need a change.
i need a change too also i have a very dear friend that lives in houston.. i have a route in prescott arizona.. with an llv but not all routes have llvs, i still have a 93 rhd jeep cherokee. check out the area online we are a growing community. its a beautiful town,,had some personal upsets, need a change of scenery. brenda