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spld mo to mn

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01 April 2016, 10:13
spld mo to mn
3 offices. 70 plus rural routes, 45 k routes
21 May 2017, 00:31
are you at Springfield MO? Not sure what spld stands for, but I am looking for the Springfield, Joplin Missouri area. If we could find someone from MN who wanted Southern IL, we could make this happen. Let me know what area you are from.
07 July 2017, 05:24
I am in springfield mo . There is 3 offices and I am in my 22 yr, also all regular routes have llv's. my route is a 46 k and is mostly business's, its about 22 miles and takes me 6 to 7 hrs daily. I give details because I'm a fan of it but few are due to business accountables.
02 December 2017, 18:57
Mr Holt
If you'll take Ankeny, Iowa Pollo text me 515-864-8643