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Kailua Kona Hawaii to Maryland, Virginia, Tenn

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24 January 2014, 21:39
Kailua Kona Hawaii to Maryland, Virginia, Tenn
I am currently in Maryland 20 minutes from Ft
Meade. I would be interested in a multi way transfer where I would end up in N. or S. Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida, or even New Mexico. You can contact me at 202-251-9275 or all the routes here have LLV's and you would most likely end up with a 41K/45J, lots of growth here also.
thanks, Dan

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27 January 2014, 10:24
If you want to transfer here to Maryland I have a 3-way that will work, but not the one to Spokane, Dan
28 January 2014, 16:11
I am in Indiana and would like to transfer to Georgia
02 February 2014, 12:55
Hi, I live in Little Egg Harbor NJ. Minutes to the shore and Atantic City, PHIl, NYC.
Please if this could work, I have family that lives in Kailua, HI. This transfer would not be a problem.
02 February 2014, 13:52
That is what I am trying to do. I live in Spokane Wa and am trying to get to Kailua Kona to be with my wife and family.
02 February 2014, 17:03
,I am in Forest,va. I will do a trade with you. Trying to get to North
08 June 2014, 19:23
star wars terry
I would like to throw my hat into this ring
I'm from Albuquerque,NM all LLV'S here
Maybe we can workout a three or four way trade?
Text me at (505)263-6239 if interested
20 January 2018, 13:48
Just checking to see if you found a transfer? I’m in Oneida Tennessee. About an hour north of Knoxville. Text me at(423) 223-1521 Thanks
20 January 2018, 15:57
I’m in Oliver Springs,TN
21 January 2018, 15:59
Dreams please see the other east TN post. There's someone who might take my route from Covington and I could take your office.
21 January 2018, 17:48
Hi i am in gaithersburg md. I am very serious about a trade great office all have llv. Please give me a call if interested 2406267987.
Richard Pace
24 January 2018, 22:28
I am in Perry Hall, MD which is about 35 min from Ft. Meade. I have been really considering South Carolina or Delaware. Think it might be possible to do a 3way if you would be interested in this area?
29 January 2018, 07:05
Hi. I am in Martinsburg, WV. This is the far right top of WV. We are a town in the tri state area. You can be in four states in less than a hour and Washington in a hour. We are very close to ft Meade. We have very mild seasons, and a nice office with llv’s. I would consider this mutual transfer if office checks out. Please let me know.
Thanks, Doug
12 March 2018, 17:33
Dreams please let me know if you still want to transfer. I am interested in your office.
13 March 2018, 18:55
I would take Hawaii. I'm in Tallahassee, Florida. Let me know