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14 April 2013, 20:17
tx to tx
Bryan, TX to east or northeast TX any help greatly appreciated

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14 April 2013, 20:43
Joe Williams
Don't know where you are but I am a 6 hr drive to Paris from Midland TX. Does that help? Where are you located?
15 April 2013, 19:54
Originally posted by maillady27:
looking to get as close to paris,tx as possible. will answer all

Hello I am located 1 hour and 40 min. from Paris, Tx. Call me at 214-769-5148 and let me know where are you at. Thank you for your time.
19 April 2013, 16:22
Sorry, I'm located in Bryan,TX, needing to get closer to family Most rts use POVs. 2 aux & 1 reg rt use LLVs
06 March 2016, 18:31
Lisa P
What's your thoughts about Dickinson tx...right outside of Galveston tx
26 August 2017, 22:09
I am near Tampa Fl. We are interested in Bryan TX if you know anyone who wants a three way.
08 November 2017, 23:07
Would you be interested in Dallas? If you haven’t transfer yet!!! 940-841-4779
12 November 2017, 05:53
Husband wants to be within half hour to Humble or Abilene
14 March 2018, 21:59
I'm in Longview, tx. Looking to go south of Austin if u r interested and we can find a 3 way
07 October 2018, 22:08
Would Odessa work for you? (469) 446-8666 Sunnie
08 October 2018, 07:01
Originally posted by Sunnie:
Would Odessa work for you? (469) 446-8666 Sunnie

I have Denton, Tx as option also pleases text (469)446-8666..ready to sign
08 November 2018, 05:36
I am in George West, one hour from the coast and trying to get to Central Texas