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Saint Aigustine, Fl to GA

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24 September 2017, 08:13
Saint Aigustine, Fl to GA
I am at the Midtown Annex in Saint Augustine, Fl one of 2 stations. I am looking to transfer to either Powder Springs or Douglasville, GA.
03 October 2017, 09:21
I work in hampton, ga, about 40 miles from Douglasville. The available route will be a POV J.
08 October 2017, 08:12
I have a RHD... Can you email me so I can get more info from you?
07 November 2017, 18:27
crazy T
I live in rock hill SC which is about 2 hours or less from geaorgia. My rt has an llv and is a 44 k route nice ride and nice pay. Office is expanding im looking to get back to Florida to be with my family whom I miss very much. We were separated because of the hurrcanes that hit in the early 2000 we survived the few but didn't survive the last so we had no choice I need to go home if u are interested please text me 803 209 5794 . thanks Tammy Rhodes