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Anyone From Ohio Want Florida?

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06 March 2018, 19:13
Anyone From Ohio Want Florida?
Need someone from Ohio to go to Orlando Florida to complete a 4-way!
07 March 2018, 04:46
Darlene J
I am in Brookville Pa wanting to transfer to near Daytona Beach or Cape Coral Fl, don’t know if this would be any help
07 March 2018, 05:54
yes, interested in Florida. I'm from akron, ohio
07 March 2018, 08:16
Markkyy, the transfer would be to Orlando
07 March 2018, 16:57
when are you looking to do this. i don't mind Orlando. 4 people involved is a lot! i hope everyone involved is serious
07 March 2018, 17:09
I'm ready just about anytime, and I know the guy in California is too. Here's my number 702-810-5257. I will get in contact with the Orlando guy as well.
11 August 2018, 15:33
Markyyy did u ever transfer. Are you srill looking for someone to come to ohio.
12 August 2018, 08:59
Hi Nate. Yes I did a mutual transfer 3 years ago. it was local to an office a half hour away. I lived closer to that office and my friend lived closer to my office so we swapped. I am very interested in FL. I'm currently talking to someone from ft. myers but he won't be ready until next year. I'd very much want to transfer soon. Text/call me if you'd like (330)858-6957. Why is everyone trying to leave ft. myers? Oh, and not in Cleveland I'm much closer to Akron. honestly I don't think Cleveland has rural routes
19 November 2018, 15:56
Nathanial have you found your transfer yet? Text me @ 330 240-8239 ChristineH NE Ohio
23 November 2018, 05:16
ChristineH What office are you from? I’m asking because I’d like to find an office in NE Ohio that isn’t too far from me and if this person is willing to take mine, I’ll take your and you can take theirs... but I need to know if you’re close to the area I need. I need a change. lol Also, does it have llv? Size route? lol
23 November 2018, 06:55
Im needing to get to florida. Im in indianapolis. 25 rt office. Pov and llv. My rt is pov.
03 December 2018, 07:19
I'm looking for North or South Carolina mostly. I'm in Middlefield. I need a 3 or 4 way. Open to other options. SW Florida is too hot for me.