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Anyone From Ohio Want Florida?

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06 March 2018, 19:13
Anyone From Ohio Want Florida?
Need someone from Ohio to go to Orlando Florida to complete a 4-way!
07 March 2018, 04:46
Darlene J
I am in Brookville Pa wanting to transfer to near Daytona Beach or Cape Coral Fl, don’t know if this would be any help
07 March 2018, 05:54
yes, interested in Florida. I'm from akron, ohio
07 March 2018, 08:16
Markkyy, the transfer would be to Orlando
07 March 2018, 16:57
when are you looking to do this. i don't mind Orlando. 4 people involved is a lot! i hope everyone involved is serious
07 March 2018, 17:09
I'm ready just about anytime, and I know the guy in California is too. Here's my number 702-810-5257. I will get in contact with the Orlando guy as well.
11 August 2018, 15:33
Markyyy did u ever transfer. Are you srill looking for someone to come to ohio.
12 August 2018, 08:59
Hi Nate. Yes I did a mutual transfer 3 years ago. it was local to an office a half hour away. I lived closer to that office and my friend lived closer to my office so we swapped. I am very interested in FL. I'm currently talking to someone from ft. myers but he won't be ready until next year. I'd very much want to transfer soon. Text/call me if you'd like (330)858-6957. Why is everyone trying to leave ft. myers? Oh, and not in Cleveland I'm much closer to Akron. honestly I don't think Cleveland has rural routes