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West Palm Beach, FL to North of Orlando, Mt Dora area

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09 June 2015, 21:22
West Palm Beach, FL to North of Orlando, Mt Dora area
I am looking to transfer to Mt. Dora to North Orlando Area. I am looking for an all LLV office. I am from West Palm Beach Fl. area. My office has 50 Rural Routes, all with LLVs and only about 7 miles from the beach. If you are interested please E-mail:
14 October 2015, 18:49
Leslie Townsend
I need your office! I'm in Birmingham AL. A lady from Charlotte area is needing my office. A lady from northern Virginia needs her office. If you know annyone from the Dora area interested in any of these offices?
01 November 2015, 20:59
Leslie Townsend
Is Jacksonville too far?
24 April 2016, 15:29
Hi there I am in ft Myers looking for central Fl could stretch it to Clermont area
24 April 2016, 15:34
Ft Myers to central Fl,I could I fit into your link somehow?
25 December 2017, 12:43
Still looking for Central FL. I'm in West Palm Beach FL,7 miles to the Beach and all LLV office.
03 January 2018, 21:10
Are you still searching if so is Jacksonville beach area too far?
05 January 2018, 19:58
Yes I am still looking, but Jacksonville is a bit to far. If we can find someone from Orlando area that wants Jacksonville we can work out a 3-way trade.
14 January 2018, 13:23
Convince your fellow carrier, Larry, and his Orlando friend, Mike, to transfer to Scottsdale and you've got Orlando. I'm working on Larry too. - Charlie, or 602-391-7453.

Charlie 602-391-7453 or (formerly CharlieZ)
19 February 2018, 10:09
Jeff Baer
I am 90 minutes from Orlando and I will take West Palm Beach
19 February 2018, 21:34
I am Ready to go ASAP, but I need to be within 30 miles of Mt Dora.
20 February 2018, 07:40
Jeff Baer
I am 20 minutes south of Jacksonville if you would consider my office let me know. I think it would be a hour drive or a little less.
20 February 2018, 07:44
Jeff Baer
sorry, nevermind, it's 2 hours
20 February 2018, 08:01
What zip code are u in?
20 February 2018, 08:11
Jeff Baer
32073. It is a great post office with assigned love. We go to Orlando all the time and It takes between 1 1/2 to 2 hours . That might might be too far for you. I really wish I was closer to where you want to work because I would love to get West Palm Beach. Think about it and let me know. I am in South Florida right now until Tomorrow. All the routes in my office are K routes.