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Acton Massachusetts to anywhere in the East

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23 October 2006, 20:51
Acton Massachusetts to anywhere in the East
will concider all. really would like southeast but will think about anything from Maine to Florida at this point even the mid-west is ok. Route must have a LLV
Acton is a great office.
With the transfer you would likely end up with a 45H without a LLV after all the shuffeling is done.

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26 October 2006, 16:12
Debby Callahan
If you are SERIOUS, I am trying to get back to Mass after 16 years in Las Vegas.

I work out of Summerlin P.O., nice area located NW side of Town.
My route is 41k, dps, 10 miles long. You know that the route goes out to bid. 31 routes in the office (and growing) Routes open FAST ! Let me know.
email (702) 217-3260
07 January 2007, 06:24
After some recent developments our request for a mutual transfer is being withdrawn. Thank You