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St. Augustine, FL to within 30 miles of Cambridge, MD

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10 October 2017, 09:31
St. Augustine, FL to within 30 miles of Cambridge, MD
Just putting this out there to see if anyone from the Cambridge area is interested in moving on down to Florida. St Augustine currently has about 55 rural routes, with LLVs provided to over 3/4 of said routes.
29 October 2017, 16:05
Would like to be in Florida. I am in Colonial Heights VA near Richmond if you know of someone who wants Virginia.
08 November 2017, 13:46
Hi, if you are still looking for a transfer, I️ am in Martinsburg WV. In the panhandle close to Hagerstown Md, Winchester Va, Baltimore and Washington DC and 20 minutes from PA. Really nice area and with LLV for all but two routes. Nice calm four seasons that are mild. Approximately 2 and 1/2 hours from Cambridge
21 December 2017, 21:19
Hello, I am from Central Pennsylvania and I am looking to transfer to the surrounding area of Atlanta, GA. If anyone is interested in a transfer, please email me at