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Ft Myers FL to anywhere considered

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10 September 2008, 17:53
Ft Myers FL to anywhere considered
Deleted!!! This ad is several years old and I can't get it to delete!

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10 September 2008, 18:14
The most important thing about mutual transfers is we have to be the same Step for pay reasons. I am a step 12 from Annapolis,Maryland. 45K with LLV E-mail is

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11 September 2008, 05:44
Look on your ps form 50. There is a line for pay grade/step. We only need to be same grade, not step. This is how I understand it. I believe all rural carriers are grade 00. Anyone with more or differing info on this please advise. Thanks.
08 January 2009, 18:35
I am from Passaic New Jersey where I work as a Letter Carrier. I have been looking to go to the Ft. Myers area for some time now. I started to relocate my family there (Cape Coral) but I had to stay behind to continue to work at the P.O. As I'm sure you know work is not that easy to come by in that area.I've been with the P.O. for just over 14 years and make just over 52k a year. if your are interested in Passaic County N.J. please contact me. Will 201-951-9316
13 January 2009, 20:33
kathy nichols
Originally posted by Kimmy:
Will consider any trade
central North Carolina
14 March 2010, 11:03
David Brady
Kimmy,I am needing to transfer to the Tampa or Sarasota area or a beach area with access to the City from the Land Of Enchantment, Santa Fe, New Mexico - due to wife’s medical issues. Office has 35 routes most with llvs, great Postmaster and supervisors, fresh air at 7000ft, 100 mile panoramic views of mountains and plains, mild 4 seasons, very artistic community, relaxed lifestyle. Maybe a 3way? David - 805 710-9080
14 March 2010, 17:33
Are you interested in Pittsburgh Pa, I am at a post office in Cranberry Twp pa. 20 Min. North of Pittsburgh
14 March 2010, 21:50
mail gal
Erin, do you have a certain state in mind? Climate? What is your seniority? I am in Phoenix, Az looking for Ft.Myers, Sarasota, Venice areas. Sen date 11-88. Please respond yes or no, that would be much appreciated to or 602-690-3665 cell will except text msgs. Best Wishes
30 March 2010, 20:45
Kimmy - I'm in Fountain Hills, AZ looking to get to your area. If interested contact me at Thanks, James.

BTW, your pay grade makes no difference when transfering as a Rural carrier. You will become the lowest in seniority regular carrier in the office you transfer to and may end up with the crapiest route in the building but that's the risk you take. The pay grade only matters with City carrier transfers.
22 April 2010, 17:46
Heidi H.
From my understanding, Troy is correct. Kimmy, I have a great route in Ohio if your interested. I may know of someone interested in your route so we could do a three-way trade. Heidi (330)360-4521 or email I am looking to be close to my daughter in Wyoming, otherwise I would retire from this route.
24 May 2010, 17:55
Originally posted by Kimmy:
Will consider any trade
My name is Richard and I am interested in a possible trade if interested call me at 301-662-7724.
27 May 2010, 13:26
I'm sorry but this ad is no longer in effect.
21 September 2010, 17:34
Tom Gaffigan
I live in Cape Girardeau, MO (60,000 population) and work in the smaller neighboring town of Jackson, MO. I drive a route 22miles long mostly in town. I work 5 days a week and have a loyal sub.
09 October 2010, 10:19
I'm in Holts Summit, MO. (Central Missouri)I have a 42 K route with a LLV. We have 5 routes in our office with 3 LLV. You would have a LLV route. If interested let me know. Thanks, tammy
25 August 2012, 15:23
I want to come to ft Myers fl. Call me 7034446732 or email