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Kissimmee, Florida to Jacksonville, Florida

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23 January 2017, 12:54
M Hennen
Kissimmee, Florida to Jacksonville, Florida
Seniority date May 2006. Large rural route office. 75+ routes, 4 zip codes, all but approx. 5 routes have LLV's.
My route is a great business, apartments, curbside route with growth. Seasonal route 46k out of season, 48k in season. I am looking to get to Jacksonville, Florida because of grandchildren. 3 way trade if necessary.
This Walt Disney World territory, the happiest place on earth!

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09 March 2017, 17:50
Quinton D.
Can you find some one in Kissimmee or Tampa that wants Houston, TX? (706)564-1860. Paper work is ready.
06 January 2018, 18:49
Hi I am from Jacksonville wanting West Palm Beach and I know someone in West Palm wanting Orlando are you still looking/interested?
15 March 2018, 20:47
Justina I'm Interested in Jacksonville im in the same office as M Hennen
16 March 2018, 11:12
You can have Jacksonville but I need to be on the east coast.