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20 August 2014, 11:56
Az to TX
Spouse getting job transfer Dallas. Need to start working on a transfer from Lake Havasu City, Az to Dallas, TX or surrounding areas. Office has 18 K's, 8 J's 1 H. Most routes are seasonal. All routes have LLV's.
20 August 2014, 16:45
Who is this? This is Kathy Mills and I would come back to Havasu in a heartbeat call me 6024030287
22 August 2014, 05:57
Rich Seiler
Live in Frisco Texas outside Dallas! Anyone from NC want AZ? Can do a 3- way transfer!
22 August 2014, 08:52
Hey Rich, yeah lets work on this. Hope we can find someone . So whats your office like in frisco? Rtes, k's j's, LLVs, POVs?
08 September 2014, 01:07
im looking to move to North Dallas/TX , Houston/TX, or beach in Florida, Hawaii or California...dont know if that help...2145669629
I work in Dallas,Tx(Mesquite,TX)....i would like to move to Frisco...Rich Seiler
Kmcash0913--im trying to make a huge chart to see where people is better if you give people phone number..faster contactSmiler

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08 September 2014, 20:08
Lake Havasu City, AZ to Dallas, TX or the surrounding areas. Call karen @ 928-920-5511. Thanks
15 April 2015, 00:05
13 May 2015, 13:18
Still looking to get to Dallas or any of the surrounding areas or Ft. Worth area. Serious and ready. Call karen 928-920-5511
13 May 2015, 13:54
kmcash0913- I am looking to get to Nevada but would possibly settle for Lake Havasu city. I am in Minnesota but there is a Carrier in Texas looking to transfer to Mn. Maybe we can do a three way. Message me 612.998.8870 Thanks! Steph
15 May 2015, 20:47
Hey Steph, where in Texas is the carrier from that wants to go to Mn. With me being in Henderson, nv where you want to go maybe we can do a 3 way if they are in an area that I might be interested in.
15 May 2015, 21:25
She is from Odessa, TX. I'm trying to message her to see if she is still interested. Let me know if your interested and lets make this happen!
15 May 2015, 21:43
she had already asked me a while ago if I was interested in her area sorry but I am not interested in Odessa. if there is someone from north Dallas up to north of Durant, OK then maybe we can try.
05 September 2018, 19:56
Originally posted by K.Mills:
Who is this? This is Kathy Mills and I would come back to Havasu in a heartbeat call me 6024030287

Kathy, want to come back to Havasu? I need 2g2 the East Coast to be closer to family.