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Fort myers to Doyelstown pa..

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20 April 2015, 18:32
Fort myers to Doyelstown pa..
Looking to transfer from fort myers fl. To Doyelstown or near by.. My route is a 48k
20 April 2015, 18:36
Lexington, ky here needing anywhere florida. Postmaster ready, family already in florida so really serious and ready by june / july 859-4945034

21 April 2015, 23:23
Dave B
Hoe about a three way? Love to transfer Fort Myers. Need to find someone from Pa to come here in New Mexico to make it work.
22 April 2015, 05:53
Is Gaithersburg md to far from where you need to transfer to
22 April 2015, 10:09
Originally posted by amanda:
Is Gaithersburg md to far from where you need to transfer to
Amanda I am in Gaithersburg trying to get to florida someone in fort myers is wanting to move to doylestown pa and someone in chestertown pa wants to come to havre de grace md. It would be a great 3 way if the person in chestertown would be interested in coming to Gaithersburg which is an hour and a half from havre de grace.
24 April 2015, 16:18
Linny, I am replying to anyone on the west coast of FL to offer my location in any possible 3,4,5 way trade. I am trying to get to FL to be with husband who is working in Sarasota. reply to or call 231-414-4373
24 April 2015, 16:19
I am on the west coast of Michigan or 231-414-4373
21 May 2015, 16:27
Linda, Oedete Viegas in Bethlehem PA has been trying to reach you regarding your ad for a mutual transfer. She is having trouble accessing the website and called me. She says that Bethlehem PA is only 15 minutes from Doyle. Could you please call her at 484-548-3141