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Southern California to anywhere in ohio

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12 August 2017, 22:58
jason bousquet
Southern California to anywhere in ohio
Looking to move closer to family in Ohio, anywhere really is good for me. Call or text me for details if interested. 760-662-3543

jason bousquet
21 August 2017, 04:15
jason bousquet
Still searching. Really looking for anything in Ohio, really trying to get back to family. Also interested in multi transfers. Please hit me up if intereste

jason bousquet
24 August 2017, 19:12
where in so cal are you ??
27 August 2017, 00:25
jason bousquet
I live in a town called phelan which is in the high desert area and about an hour and half away from la

jason bousquet
14 September 2017, 23:47
jason bousquet
Still really trying to find someone in Ohio for a 3/4 way multi transfer, and trying to get the transfer as soon as possible too for an after the holidays transfer since they take a bit to go through. So hit me up if your in Ohio or even close to and your interest in California or Colorado or Arizona

jason bousquet
04 January 2018, 13:23
I live in Summerville, South Carolina which is about 6hrs from Ohio and am really wanting to go home to California. You're not exactly the place is was looking for, but am willing to get out there. Plz let me know.
04 February 2018, 11:25
I'm in Ohio. I've contacted you before Jason. I'm interested in Summerville, SC. Need to know more about Summerville office. Contact me by text at 330-240-8239.
04 February 2018, 11:43
I’m in Las Vegas and I am very interested in your area of California. I originally transferred here from Ohio. Please keep me in mind for a 3-way. 702-810-5257


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11 February 2018, 20:20
Anissa Troutt
I am in southern Michigan, about an hour from the ohio border in an all llv office looking for NC. If you find a 3/4way with nc involved keep me in mind. Thank you
22 February 2018, 17:08
samiya sims
looking to transfer from Warren mi to anywhere northern ohio
24 February 2018, 13:13
I am in NE Ohio trying to get to SW Florida! We have several scenarios right now for transfers.
25 February 2018, 09:42
Jason, are you still looking to transfer?
02 March 2018, 15:45
I'm located in Akron Ohio, 35-40 min from Cleveland. And am very interested. My number is (330)858-6957 Mark. Thanks