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Clackamas, Oregon, looking to trade within 45 min of Oklahoma City (OKC metro)

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01 September 2017, 18:03
Clackamas, Oregon, looking to trade within 45 min of Oklahoma City (OKC metro)
All of my family lives on the east side of Oklahoma City, so that would be my preferred area, but will consider anywhere within 45 min to an hour of the city. I am firm on this distance though since my husband needs to be within that commuting distance too. I am preparing to move around spring 2018, but possibly as late as summertime. This should be enough time to find just the right swap and get all our paperwork processed before the trade actually happens.

My route is currently a 45K, with an LLV assigned. My office has 14 routes, 2 AUX routes and a lot of growth. All full routes have LLVs and AUX routes use Promaster or POV. Office is currently using a formula for days off and my route has Fridays off. Currently, we have 1 PTF, 11 RCA's and 3 ARC's. My route is 99% businesses and I'm done by 1430 every day except Monday. We will have 3 retirements prior to Christmas this year and I am planning to bid, so hopefully I will have an all residential route. I will update my post if this happens. I do currently own a RHD vehicle so I don't mind trading with an office or route that needs a POV. We work out of a DCU right now, but we're apparently "on the list" for a new facility in the years to come.

Happy to answer questions via email, text or this forum Smiler
tabitha at
503- nine five three -2324
11 December 2017, 10:22
Update info:
My K day is now Monday.
Our 3 retirements have happened, but only 1 of the 3 routes has been put up for bid. The other 2 should be up for bid in January.

Still looking to trade spring/summer 2018. email contact is best...thanks for reading Smiler
08 January 2018, 20:39
We're you still looking for OKC?
10 January 2018, 19:39
Yes, I still want OKC to be with my family. If I can't find anyone to trade with there, I would also like Boise. Either location is acceptable for my husband's work.
10 January 2018, 22:51
If there's anyone in those locations that want Denver then I may have a 4 way trade.
07 May 2018, 20:45

mutual transfer with Dumcan, OK currently in progress. Probably complete around August.