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Fort Myers FL to Sarasota / Bradenton FL area

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29 July 2020, 20:26
Danny boy
Fort Myers FL to Sarasota / Bradenton FL area
Looking to move a bit north to be closer to family. If anyone would like to be in the Fort Myers area to be nearer to family let me know. I have done one transfer before and it is very easy to do. Contact me at or text me at 203-217-1754

31 July 2020, 07:44
Yes, I am interested. I will contact you!

Charlie 602-391-7453 or Will take any route.
Flexible move date. Clean record. Great attendance. Ready to sign!!
25 August 2020, 13:52
Danny boy
It is just a move north of where I am now, Fort Myers is close to Sanibel, Naples, Captiva and it is below the frost and freeze line. How about that, it has never snowed here and the weather is the same almost every day from the day before, you always know what you'll be getting for weather. It is also a very affordable place to live and has been either first or second in the list of fastest growing cities in the great USA