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05 February 2018, 18:41
chess j cwalinski IV
hey bonita whats martinsburg like? i really like WV

Originally posted by Bonita:
Hi. I am in Martinsburg WV, in the tri state area. Twenty minutes to Hagerstown Md, 35 minutes to Winchester VA 40 to PA hour to DC. Great office with all LLV routes except two, but those two will not move. Where would I be transferring to? FL?

07 February 2018, 13:10
I have these possible three ways. Do these locations work for you?

Murrieta, CA
Mars, PA
Colorado Springs, CO
Durango, CO or 602-391-7453

Charlie 602-391-7453 or (formerly CharlieZ)
07 February 2018, 19:34
Anissa Troutt
How about Pinckney, MI?
07 February 2018, 20:41
Is Mars PA and all LLV office?
04 March 2018, 22:17
A multitransfer is possible if you interested in Denver CO.
05 March 2018, 06:06
Darlene J
Maybe interested, I am from Brookville, Pa. I am not in a hurry for a transfer, looking to move closer to my family
06 March 2018, 18:09
Would you consider Md? I have property in Englewood and am looking for a transfer close to their.
10 March 2018, 21:56
chess j cwalinski IV
my office has about 13 llv and 3 ffv and 2 personal vehicle routes, but not going anywhere. we just had a new office built so everything is in working condition. good people, growing community, mostly seasonal office. im a K in the winter and a J in the summer.
11 March 2018, 10:35
If Denver works let me know 720-297-8986. I have a multitransfer in the works.
18 April 2018, 18:58
Londonderry NH 35 minutes from Boston close to everywhere MA,CT,NY,NJ and some more benefits 6032034212 text me to expailneverything
20 April 2018, 21:21
Come on pal Boston is waiting for you you ll love this area plus you ll get some extra cash because you don’t pay state taxes here I ll give you my car too I’m not taking it with me plus I ll talk to my landlord to give you the house with no deposit down and one month free let’s have this done soon 6032034212
23 April 2018, 13:58
Kennebunkport, ME? Interested in south east and south west.
29 April 2018, 19:10
I am in md i have someone in tn wanting to come to md you would go to tn i would go to fl. If interested please give me a call my name is richard and my number is 240 626 7987.
07 May 2018, 03:16
Where in Tennessee? I need Tennessee I may be able to help!
30 September 2018, 18:44
Chess - You are all over the place. Did you finally decide where you want to transfer? I have several options from all over the country. I desperately want your office! Please email or text me with your contact info cuz you are not responding to these posts. Thanks,

Charlie 602-391-7453 or (formerly CharlieZ)